Monday, May 21, 2012

Transplanting Moss

This is an experiment. I spent a portion of my Saturday afternoon foraging my wet backyard and neighbors yards for lush mounds of rich green moss. We have a lot of soil to cover and landscaping costs a small fortune. So to help mitigate some cost and to solve a soil splashing problem up against a part of our house I decided I would try to transplant some free greenery. In the past I have had success in transplanting moss to terrariums so maybe it will work just as well in its home environment. The area I transformed is shaded, on the north side of the yard and stays moist.

You will need:

  • An area that is shady, moderately wet and appropriate in size to the amount of moss you can gather.
  • A mossy area to take from (preferably from nearby to where your transplant area is)
  • Hand trowel (hand rake is help yet optional)
  • Plant-tone (optional) 
  • Water

To begin; evaluate the area you want to cover, make sure you have enough moss to cover it. Clean it up a bit, I had to remove acorn shells and sticks, then scratch up the dirt a bit with your hand rake or trowel. Water and add a light dusting of Plant-Tone. Harvest your moss. Lay the moss down, water. Done. Water everyday that it does not rain.

I will post a follow-up in about a month!