Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Maximization: Birthdays and Ducks

Summer is fading...the light is changing and the nights are getting cooler. For some the summer can be a break from the daily grind and others look forward to the return of the cooler weather. I LOVE the summer, everything about it; unpredictable weather, swimming, bare feet, early morning runs, long days and all the garden fresh food; even the 100+ degree days. My energy is boundless.
As we drove back from a afternoon of birthdays last night it suddenly dawned on me, there is only two weekends left of summer, Labor Day weekend is only one weekend away. Soon the pools will close, school will begin for me, wedding season will kick into high gear for the fall for Shane and before we know it Thanksgiving and Holidays and a New Year. Time flies and this summer flew by especially fast. A lot happened and I am grateful for every moment of it. Some highlights; my first DC show, the Sandor Katz workshop at Stone Barns, hiking and camping in the Catskills in the rain with Shane, raising 6 Indian Runners and growing lots and lots of food. It has also been challenging as well; raising the ducks has taken a lot of our time, mostly away from the work we want to complete on our house for refinancing (so adult I know) and mostly finding a nice balance for all the things we want to going on productive adventures, putting by as much food as we can, creating art and feeling centered. So perhaps summer winding down is a good thing, fall is for reflection after all and taking a little time to relax...well sort of...
Some highlights in image from the weekend...non-photographed highlights: yoga workshop with Edie at Charm City Yoga and trading one of my Kombucha Scoby's for Kefir grains from a kind woman in Hampden.
Duck House Building

Lucy's Bug Box

Ducks in Transit

Bonnie and her Birthday Scepter 

Sam with all the moves...

Earl presiding over all...