Tuesday, April 9, 2013

HEX Kombucha is here!

HEX Kombucha is hand crafted in Baltimore. We start with a powerful strain of kombucha culture, organic  teas and organic cane sugar. After the first ferment we add small amounts of organic fruit juices, herbs and spices to our second ferment for our signature flavors. Our ingredients are carefully sourced from local community gardens, small companies that support fair trade and organic growing practices. 

HEX believes in the magical world of microbes and the body strengthening support that live cultures provides us. Each small batch of kombucha is carefully tended to from first ferment to your glass. We employ the Continuous Brew method, meaning that each batch is linked and carries with it the continuation of built-up taste and nutrients.

We are currently working hard on getting our product directly to you. HEX can be consumed currently at WC Harlan's in their delicious cocktails du jour or by the glass. Ask at the bar for contact information if you are interested in being added to our mailing list for HEX updates. 

HEX sign meaning on the current bottle- Love and Friendship: The two distelfink's embrace to show their love and friendship. One heart, symbolic of their love; the branches surround them confirming their everlasting friendship and the ring of raindrops showers them with life's bounty.

Current HEX Flavors:
Thyme Ginger Orange
Oaxacan Hibiscus