Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Congratulations! & Eliminations...

Its really true. Life is full of moments of congratulations and eliminations. Rejections, affirmations, down and up days and times where the cloud hangs so heavily above you for too long that you start to think its permanent. You have to constantly remind yourself that you are not manic or crazy and that if you keep trying you will get a break. Recently I had one of those days, a day so bad that I thought I must have made some really bad decisions at some point in my life. My sister talked me down off my cloudy ledge and gave me some great advice. She said "Do you know what you need? A Win." And she is so right. There are many "Wins" that we need in life to feel validated; career, love/relationships, goals, acknowledgement and then the small wins like accomplishing a project, establishing a work-out routine, being more disciplined, making a networking win, saying hello to strangers. So the day after my cloudy day I got a win. An "Art Win"! I was accepted into a show in DC curated by Sarah Newman, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. My first ever DC show. Before I found out I came across this lovely object on my way home. A "found Win" prophetic.

And now for the eliminating portion. For about a week and a half now S and I have been on a "Elimination Diet" designed by my food and health guru Rebecca Wood. No, its not a diet where we crap all the time; its about eliminating potential foods that may cause reactions in your body's digestion, skin, vital organs and overall well being. All of the common grains and flours are eliminated (no wheat products, spelt, corn, rice), no nuts, no dairy, eggs, shellfish, definitely no packaged or processed foods, no white sugar, no alcohol (we have made a few exceptions) and no coffee.

We have done pretty well, save for a few instances and in general we don't even feel like we are "dieting" at all. The foods we are eating; ancient grains like quinoa, amaranth, millet and buckwheat are incredibly satisfying and delicious. All meats are allowed including some cold cuts (all additive free of course) and fish, as many vegetables as we can handle (emphasis on brassica's and dark leafy greens) fruit for snacks, olive oil and coconut oil, all herbs and raw vinegar's, home brewed kombucha, very very small amount of honey and maple syrup. Its a very satisfying and complete diet; foods we usually eat anyway but without the added allergen potential. Overall I haven't noticed much difference in the way I feel; yet. However I have been sleeping better and have noticed that my gut feels better without the wheat and dairy. So time will tell, we plan to stay on this until Sunday. Then we will start to slowly reintroduce foods to see if our bodies have a reaction. I know, very mom n' pop down-home-allergy-testing. Yet I know its working because last night at dinner S announced that he has not had ANY indigestion! So the next step will be reintroducing eliminated foods. Sunday is the day to begin re-introduction and I plan to reintroduce.....drum roll please....eggs. Rebecca Woods very well laid out plan includes delicious meal plans and recipes. I have also developed a few of my own that I will share soon.