Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little Things...

Thought i'd share some of my favorite snap shots from around town. Upper left is from the woods behind our house. The light was so warm and inviting last Friday that I had to try and capture it. Upper right is one of the most beautiful trees in our neighborhood; a giant Maple. Earl is chillin' in the bottom left, J and I took him for a hike out at Loch Raven. Bottom right is also at Loch Raven, I just loved the way the branches glided into the water. I took all the above with my iphone and used the app instagram; which like many millions of people I am obsessed with but don't have the nerve to make my profile public.

Soon we will be getting our Baltimore Honey Bees! AND Indian Runner Ducks for the Eric Waller Community Garden to help combat pest control. Also we are anticipating a big harvest at the community garden this weekend so I will have some recipes to share.