Thursday, August 23, 2012

Moss Transplant Update

In June I transplanted moss from the far corner of our lot to the area around a walkway next to our house. It's been way over a month (about two in fact) for a follow-up. I am pleased to report that the moss has taken! Albeit not without some help from lots of rain this summer, more like down pours and derechos
Sometimes the area looks a bit dry and brown and I think to myself "Crap! I killed it!" then I give it a heavy drink of water and presto! Its green and fluffy again. I am hoping next year it will be fully rooted and in place. Now that I know it works (dirt splash-up problem SOLVED) and the mossy areas I transplanted from have replenished, I plan to do more on this side of the house. After we replace the windows...

No rest for the weary!